In the Name of Allah, Most Merciful and Compassionate

All scholars agree that circumcision is a religiously praiseworthy act, but they differ regarding its obligation. The position of the Shafi`i school is that circumcision is obligatory, but other scholars have held that circumcision is merely recommended.

Because of this difference of opinion, scholars are generally easy-going and gentle with recent converts to Islam on the issue of circumcision. The most important goal with new Muslims is to preserve and nurture their newfound faith, and imposing difficult rulings such as circumcision on them early on may well drive them away from Islam altogether.

If, of his own accord, a new Muslim insists that he wants to get circumcised, he will be doing something praiseworthy by scholarly agreement. It would be permissible for him to reveal his nakedness to the doctor to get circumcised, although this would have to be limited to the extent of the need.

And Allah knows best.



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