Support Our New Brothers and Sisters

New Muslim Gift Bags

Upon receiving a new Muslim to our program, we present the brother/sister with a gift bag of basic essential items, such as: Qur’an translation, du’a book, short biography on the Prophet (saw), book on morals and character of Muslims, book on the salah, and a book on the five pillars. Other items include: Qur’an CD, prayer rug, and hijab/kufi. Each bag costs us $20, as we are able to purchase most items at wholesale.
Social Events

New Muslims often lose support from their friends/family, and many feel isolated upon entering the masjid. We strive to create opportunities for new and newly practicing Muslims to congregate in a positive atmosphere in an effort to build friendships and a network of support as they transition into the deen. Costs include refreshments mostly, but we’d like to subsidize some of the costs of our special events as well. Certain events require flyers, which is an added cost.
Financial Support for New Muslims

Every now and then we come across convert brothers and sisters who are in need of financial assistance. This could be due to being kicked out of the home, losing one’s job, coming out of jail and needing a way to get started in one’s new life as a Muslim, changing one’s wardrobe to meet Islamic guidelines, etc. We have created a fund specially to help those in need of temporary financial assistance.
Creating Community Awareness

New Muslims face many unseen challenges. LOM strives to create awareness in the community by designing flyers and brochures to distribute across the GTA, and we set up tables at Islamic conferences to reach larger audiences. Tables at these conferences are expensive considering we are a non-profit organization, plus the added cost of marketing supplies. We appreciate any support to help us match the costs of these strategic events.
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** Light of Mercy Foundation is run completely by volunteers. Our Board of Directors do not receive compensation for their hard work, and compensation will be paid only to those who require it in order to run specialized programs. 100% of your donations will go toward the actual costs of our programs and events, including our centre when we obtain it inshaAllah. **