Q?I took shahada, how can I learn how to pray?

After embracing Islam one needs to seek an intimate relationship with their Creator which is achieved through prayer. Specifically these are the 5 daily prayers we are obligated to perform. If one is able to, one should seek out the Imam at the masjid to teach one the basics of prayer. If this is not feasible you should contact us via email (contact@lightofmercy.ca) so that we may go over the basics of prayer and address any questions you may have.

Q?How do I wear the headscarf (hijab)?

The headscarf or hijab in Islam is one of the means to maintaining modesty in our society. Below is a link that demonstrates how to wear the hijab. Keep in mind that the headscarf should cover oneself and not be transparent.
Hijab Demonstration

Q?Should I change my name after converting?

It is not necessary that you change your name after entering into the fold of Islam. However, if your name has a negative meaning to it, it is recommended to change it in order that your character reflects your name. Below is a link to a website with Muslim names and meanings.
Muslim names

Q?My parents are not Muslim, what can I do?

Hope! Let your parents witness you becoming a better person by seeking closeness to Allah through serving them. At first it will be challenging however know that you are not alone and this is usually an initial test for you as you journey through this life. Allah says in the Quran “And we have enjoined on man (to be dutiful and good) to his parents..” Being kind to our parents and serving them is regardless of their belief. We obey them as long as this does not entail disobedience to Allah. Check the link below for detailed advice….

Practical advice

Q?How can I learn to read Quran?

The Quran is the very word of Allah and such is a powerful means of drawing oneself closer to the Creator as well as understanding life’s many mysteries. Most mosques ( Arabic: Masjid) have a program in which they offer to teach people how to read Quran. Ideally a person starts a book called Qaida which shows a person how to recite properly. Once the Qaida book is complete a person starts on the Quran and becoming familiar with the various signs of recitation. As with all sciences of Islam, a teacher must be sought in order to learn properly and address questions.

Light of Mercy also provides lessons in Quran recitation. Contact us if you are interested at contact@lightofmercy.ca

Q?What does halal mean?

The world halal means ‘permissible’ and it usually refers to food that is permissible to eat because it has been slaughtered according to Islamic law. Below is a link to a video for clarification.
Mercy Slaughter

Q?What Islamic books should I read?

This is a popular question for those seeking the Divine and looking to further their understanding. Please see the link below for books we recommend.
Recommended Readings